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Changing permissions of just files or just directories recursively

June 22, 2011

Sometimes you just want to change the permissions of all the fiels or all the directories under a certain folder. For example, when wanting to set the sticky bit on just directories on all directories under a folder.

Here we combine the find command with chmod …

find /path/to/someDirectory -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod g+s

And for just files (for when you forget that chmod -R g+s is applied to everything)…

find /path/to/someDirectory -type f -print0 | xargs -0 chmod g-s


Timing out PHP SOAP Calls

June 22, 2011

PHP has a bug when making SOAP calls over HTTPS. If the other end picks up but then does not send any data (as can happen if the SOAP server is behind a proxy or load balancer or the like) then its supposed to timeout after a specified amount of time. However, all current versions of PHP do not seem to allow this.

Thanks to Rob Ludwick for providing a workaround using CURL as the transport mechanism instead until PHP fix this. You can read about it on his blog here:

There is a PHP bug reported here for reference:


How to configure apache with ssl ubuntu

June 20, 2011

Guide for making an https site on ubuntu here: