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Speeding up Eclipse

January 25, 2011

Eclipse can get a bit sluggish, especially when you’ve got the Scala and Maven plugins installed into it. I found the following website with some useful improvements you can make to the eclipse.ini file to speed it up. This works for Windows and Linux systems and will probably work with Mac as well. It give eclipse more memory so if you are running a dev machine with 4GB of RAM then this should work fine. The eclipse.ini file can be found in the root of the eclipse application folder.

The vmargs parameter as shipped uses these heap settings (at the bottom of the eclispe.ini file):


It needs to specify a larger heap and more stack.


Adjust the max heap size (“mx”) to be sure that it fits in real memory. “ms” should be twice the “NewSize”.



gvim in eclipse

August 12, 2010

I spent the morning trying to get eclipse work like vim. Here are the tweaks I had to do to get it almost like how I like it. These instructions are good for Ubuntu 10.04, they may differ on other platforms.

1. Make the package explorer open on a key press.
Minimise the package explorer window so its not eating up the screen. You can bring it back pressing SHIFT-ALT-Q then P. This setting is hidden in the Windows->preferences->General->Keys->Show View (View: Package … area. To minimise the package explorer window without the mouse, press ESC.

2. Make files open using gvim instead of the usual eclipse editor
Install gvim (sudo apt-get install gvim)
Then in eclipse: Windows->preferences->General->Editors->File Associations
Add each file type you need to open with gvim (e.g. *.java) and in the associated editors make Vim the default.

3. Make the vim editor look nice
The default colour scheme is awful. I had to add the following items to my ~/.gvimrc file

syntax on
colorscheme slate
:set guioptions-=T "Remove toolbar
:set guioptions-=m "Remove the menu bar
:set clipboard=unnamed

The clipboard option allows yank and paste between eclipse windows which didnt work without it.

And thats about it