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SVN add all waiting files

September 7, 2011

If you would like to add all pending files to svn via an svn add command, the following works quite nicely:

svn status | grep ? | sed 's/^? \(.*\)/\1/g' | xargs svn add

And the same for removing missing files:

svn status | grep ! | sed 's/^! \(.*\)/\1/g' | xargs svn rm


How to ignore files in a directory under subversion control

June 11, 2010

First thing to realise is that you don’t ignore a file, you set ignored files on the directory.

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# Ignore all the .txt files in the /trunk/Blah/ directory
# --------------------------------------------------------------------- 
# Go to the directory cd trunk/Blah/ 
# The directory with the files # Start editing the properties for the current directory svn propedit svn:ignore . 
# Opens an editor (SVN_EDITOR, EDITOR) 
# Add the following value with a new line, save, and exit: *.txt 
# See that things worked svn propget svn:ignore . 
# So you can see the properties svn status --no-ignore 
# You should see an 'I' next to the ignored files 
# Commit svn commit -m "New Ignores" # You must commit the new property change